How Does SimpliSafe Work? Each Equipment Explain

About SimpliSafe

SimpliSafe is one of the self-installed, no-contract alarm devices with inexpensive professional monitoring plans, ensuring that your system is monitored always.

SimpliSafe is a complete home security device, which means you can upgrade and configure it to cover more than just break-ins. SimpliSafe will detect and inform you if a pipe is about to burst or if there is a flood in your basement.

The network of the SimpliSafe is a secure one wherein alarm systems can be connected via broadband, landline, or cellular network, with cellular connections being the fastest and most reliable. SimpliSafe runs on a cellular network, however, its cameras are Wi-Fi enabled.

Working Of SimpliSafe Monitoring

SimpliSafe proves to be a professionally supervised device, which means you have someone whose sole role is to keep an eye on your system, a Jake-from-State Farm-style. (Okay, it’s not always the same guy, but it’s always someone.) If there is a break-in or something occurs, the monitoring service provides emergency assistance.

SimpliSafe offers two monitoring options:

  • The $14.99 a month Standard package

  • $24.99 a month for the Interactive package.

You get mobile control for an additional ten dollars a month (it lets you monitor the alarm from your phone).

What Security Equipment Does SimpliSafe Have?

SimpliSafe has very nominal equipment that can fit in with your home decor. SimpliSafe doesn’t have any fancy sensors or touchscreen control panels, but it does a decent job of covering the essentials.

The main control center, or central brain of the system, is known as the base station in the alarm system kit control center of the SimpliSafe.You’ll also get a small wireless keypad for arming and disarming your device.

The packages of SimpliSafe, include different add-ons and sensors to the control center that range in price from a few hundred dollars to over $500 and can include four or 200 parts. You can also put together your own device and add sensors as needed.

The Equipments Of SimpliSafe

  1. Siren
  2. Motion sensor
  3. Keychain remote
  4. CO detector
  5. Wireless keypad
  6. A Freeze sensor (alarm rings whenever your home temperature goes down below 41°)
  7. A SimpliCam
  8. Base station (with a 24-hour backup battery)
  9. Entry sensor
  10. Glass break sensor
  11. Water sensor
  12. Panic button
  13. Smoke detector
  14. Smart lock
How Does SimpliSafe Work

Apart from other home security systems, that may suddenly go down, SimpliSafe has an amazing feature that is a glass break sensor that is aware of the disparity between a toddler shattering and a window breaking smashing your favorite Pottery Barn plate.

SimpliSafe’s $99 Wi-Fi wired security system is also worth considering. SimpliCam is the company’s first step into video, and we have mixed feelings about it. The camera is adequate, but it lacks some of the most advanced features we’ve seen. Still, it’s not a bad deal for the capital. If you want to do stuff like import video files, you’ll have to pay an additional $4.99 a month.

The new SimpliSafe hardware includes Alexa integration, which allows you to arm your machine by speaking to it or check its status on any Amazon Echo unit, in line with SimpliSafe’s efforts to become more high-tech.

Q1. How does the self-installation feature of SimpliSafe work?

Ans. Setup is so easy that SimpliSafe has a video on their website of a ten-year-old doing it. Simply switch on the base station and follow the on-screen instructions in the SimpliSafe app on your tablet (or in the setup guide).

You also don’t have to get the toolbox out. The adhesive on the back of SimpliSafe’s home protection sensors allows you to install them anywhere you want, whether it’s on your basement stairs or your bedroom window.

Q2. Is SimpliSafe available for a free trial?

Ans. There is no free trial period, but there is a 60-day money-back guarantee and free returns if you are disappointed with it.

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