Lessco Electronics CD Player Reviews – It’s really Worth The money?

This add-on CD Player connects to the factory radio via a single cable. Mounting is possible vertically or horizontally. The unit can be mounted neither upside down nor past the zero degree vertical angle.

A car stereo lets you play music CDs and use the radio. You can also adjust song volume and skip ahead/backward to any part of the recorded song.

Make sure you wait 10-20 seconds after clicking next before installing the program. This is important. Otherwise, it may cause an error message during installation.

For detailed installation instructions, see the product guide located on this website under “Product Guides & Documentation”. Year/model compatibility information is included in the table below.

This is an image of a set up guide and troubleshooter. These guides help users install and enjoy this product. If you are having trouble, contact customer service at (442)400-9489 for more information.

This easy to install USB CD player allows you to listen to music without having to take out your phone or navigate to another app to play your favorite songs.

Installation: Unit has one cable connection and can mount either vertically or horizontally – under the car seat (vertical) or under the dashboard or in any other accessible locations (horizontal). CD player can be mounted both vertically or horizontally – under car seats (vertical) or underneath the dashboard (horizontal).

Plugging the connector into your vehicle’s USB port automatically installs the system. There is nothing more to do after this point. No further instructions or help is needed.

This player works with WMA/WAV files, but some other formats may work as well. Most audio books are in mp3 format, but some are in wma or wav format. To check if your book is compatible with this player you need to read the quick reference set up guide included with the unit.

Unit dimensions: 5.75″ X 5.75″ X 1.5″


1. Make sure you check the Vehicle fit chart (in images or User guide PDF). This is important as there may be some differences between the radio models available for different car manufacturers. You should also order the correct model for your car. Your radio should be listed under the “Radio” section of the Vehicle Fit Chart.

2. Make sure you are attempting the installation without the USB extension.

3. Do not install this device upside down or past the 0 degree vertical angle.

4. After reading the installation instructions and troubleshooting guide, you should be able to install this software without any further problems. Please try again if you do experience any additional difficulties.